Monday, March 8, 2010

I Hate My Toilet

or rather it hates me. We have a well which has been mainly a curse and a narrow blessing. No water bill but we have to pump out that stupid thing every three to four months and that's not cheap. You see, when the septic tank fills, the toilets don't flush easily. And forget about trying to plunge it to make it go down it's hateful septic pipes. No. Furious plunging only leads to filthy water getting spilled on the floor or yourself and that is just not good. Not good at all. So, we are very often forced to walk away from a bowl full of unsavory until the finicky toilet agrees to both flush and drain which sometimes means all. day. So gross and annoying. Ugh.

That's enough toilet talk.

I am lying propped up in bed (which is my favorite position by the way), alone and writing my blog with NPR on and the soothing symphony music just ended and now I am trying to block out annoying NPR lady voice until the music comes back on. There it is again now. Ah. Where were we? Yes, lying in my bed writing to you about random things which I hope you will read but hope more earnestly that you will comment. I love comments! It's thrilling to get some which I don't get many of because apparently readers like to see lots and LOTS of posts before they commit. They must know that they can rely on you to write the randomness, like every day. That's a big commitment don't you think?

But I know I can and should post a little more often andit would be good to dump the thoughts that take up most of my brain space and day into the gentle pillow that is my blog. Otherwise my inside voice comes outside and scares my husband and children but that takes a while and only happens when my husband kicks my emotional trip wire and then BLAM!! Told you sucker. You didn't listen did you? But honestly, I would like to spread my thoughts on a conveyor belt and have men and women in white jackets and hairnets pick out the ugliest, most hateful thoughts and toss them into a special bin meant for recycling or re purposing or refurbishing (that's why that iPod won't work??) into something cleaner and kinder. Some things that help instead of hurt. I hate it when I lose control of my tongue. Damn it.

This is it for now.



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