Monday, May 4, 2009


Hello Readers, and I use the term "readers" loosley because according to my stat counter there a precious few of you that visit myhumble blog. But, I do appreciate the ones that stop by- more than you know. If you could do me a favor, and please leave a little comment now and I again I would be very grateful.

So my struggle with writing this blog is that it feels incredibly self-indulgent which goes counter with my limited, uptight semi-white trash upbringing. Positive thinking did not happen in my household, it was too risky and inevitably if we dared try it - we ended up with the dreaded "I told you so" look or lecture. It really depended on the situation and the amount of energy stored up by my mother.

But I survived all that but still struggle with acknowledging my talents. Talent is such a broad term isn't it? As in, she is a talented tight-rope walker. Or talented desinger/singer/actress. The word talent is usually followed by a title or label. So although I can admit that I am talented, I am relunctant to reveal to you all exactly what for fear of being judged or measured. Or weighed in some cases. So, please do not be alarmed if you notice a few of my blogs that I delete. It's me, not you and it will take me some time to trust that putting my thoughts out there are appropriate. Some entries are better left to my personal journal. I am also not the type that will post cute pictures or mostly any pictures. I have that stupid candle that I am trying to remove but I can only replace it with something else and I have not found anything else less stupid.

Ok, so I believe that you are talented as well. Honestly. I can feel it. That's why I started this blog- to connect with others who feel it too or just want to connect or plug into this collectiveness that has grown out there on the web. This is what I hope I can grow my blog to be- a place where like minds can share their talents or their positive thinking or anything else that will add to us as people instead of detract. There is so much negative news out there- so much that it makes my eyes hurt to look at it all. I think one of the reason's why is that it is much easier, socially to commiserate with someone else than to celebrate our successes. It's backwards and I want to help change that.

I hope you decide to join me.



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