Monday, January 26, 2009

I Passed Y'all!

I should have posted the night I passed so that I could accurately convey the feeling of euphoria I felt. It was incredible.

I made myself nearly ill with all the studying to the point that I was dizzy when I entered the testing site. After checking my driver's license and giving me a key to a small locker, I was instructed to remove my watch and put all of my belongings into the locker and then walk into the testing room with license in hand. I was placed in a partitioned cubicle with a desktop computer. People sat on both sides of me but we could not see each other. I took a deep breath and saw that my name and test were displayed on the screen. I then started the test. Initially the black text shimmered before me. It was difficult to focus. I read through the first few questions and honestly began to panic. I did not know the answers. At least I did not think I did. I predicted failure which is a weakness of mine. I could not have studied harder but I still doubted myself. After a few more minutes of intense dread, I told myself that I did not want to have to EVER study for this certification again and that I had better get it together. So I did. And I found out my results right after the exam. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I was so worn out from the stress that I actually laid down for bed at 9pm which is rare for me since I am a night owl.

It feels great to have my time back and not be constantly worried about having to study or take notes. I feel so proud of myself for passing. It's a difficult cert to obtain and I still cannot really believe that I have it now.

The best part is that I feel blessed today. Blessed because of all the kind words that were spoken to me before I took the test. The genuine well wishing made me feel abundant. Friends of mine sent me texts telling me they were thinking of me and wished me luck. The thing is, had I not shared by struggles with them, they would never have known and I would never have been able to receive these blessings.

I truly believe that the well wishing helped propel me to success. So now, I am sending these same feelings of success to my friend who is taking the same exam tomorrow.

Good luck my friend. I will be thinking of you.


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