Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. It was so nice to have that extra day. I woke up on Sunday grateful and happy to have just one more day off.

Sunday we took the boat out on a lake. My husband wanted to test out the engine since it spent a good portion of this rainy summer under water. Boat ran fine and we all ended up tubing. Even me. The water of this lake is brakish- dark but warm. I was afraid to get on the tube because of the manatees and gators that tend to live in these waters. My husband said I HAD to do it so I got on and not only held on for dear life but also pointed my toes towards my head so that my whole body could rest on the tube and I would not have to put my legs/feet in the water. It was hard for me not to imagine bumping over a big sea cow and having it rip my leg off as I passed over. Or a boa constrictor (which are also abundant here), water moccasin or even a fish with teeth somehow taking a piece of me with it down into the depths of the dark water. I lasted maybe, maybe 8 minutes total and then was pulled back in. I honestly did not think of the alligators until I got to work when my friends all reminded me of this fact. Yuck.

I did not do too much in the way of cooking like I usually do. Labor Day was actually low key and at the end of the day I readied our wine glasses, had them lined up and ready to pour red wine when I heard a blood curldling scream from the back patio. My six year old son accidentally fell in the pool in such a way that he banged his head on the step, instantly splitting his eye on the side. Time stands still in these moments. I pushed aside my shock and found a towel and put it on his eye. I took him inside and somehow calmly stripped him out of his wet bathing suit and put a clean pair of pajama pants on him, found his flip flops, grabbed a clean shirt and my husband and I loaded him into the car. Of course, every walk-in clinic was closed but luckily we found a Pediatric emergency care open and they took very good care of him. Luckily he did not need stitches and the doctor just applied dermabond to keep the skin together. I felt so bad for him- he was so worried about the prospects of stitches. So, he has a black eye but is in good spirits. Back to his normal self and misbehaving in school. Sigh.

Hope you all were able to enjoy the time off.


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