Friday, September 14, 2012

Choosing Peace

I find myself in a funnel.   This feels like a good thing because the negative thoughts are swirling around me but I am not swirling with them.  I am inside, safe.

I could be ruminating, as this is what I typically do when I hear bad news.   But instead, I choose peace.   over anger.  Because I am worth the self care that it takes to be peaceful and so are you.

My ego is chattering away telling me how wronged I have been, that I should file a formal complaint, that I have been discriminated against, etc.  If I choose to give energy to these things, then I make them real.  If I step back, and hold back the tidal wave of self pity, I can see that what happened does not matter.  It does not change or define who I am.   The truth is, I am really free.

The truth is, I experienced a profound experience which saved my life.    Their is a warrior inside of me that led me out of the dark and into the light of self care.  Yes, there were wonderful friends and family that helped along the way but this journey could only be taken by me.  

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