Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ten Minutes to Write

OK. I have literally ten minutes to write before my next meeting. Although I could probably type this in the meeting as well... instead of paying attention like I am supposed to.

I am getting ready for vacation and am SO excited that I can barely stand it. My family and I have not been on a real vacation in a while. We are going to the Georgia Mountains and I look forward to just being outside, breathing in fresh air and tipping my toes in cool, fresh water. We don't have much of that in Florida and I often feel guilty that my kids have missed out on this experience.

I think I am more excited to not be at work for an entire week. That's the best part for me. I have come across so many wonderful blogs in the past view weeks. Like this one which displays beautiful photographs just for the sake of being beautiful and for really great writing check out this site

I have not said much have I? Well, we will have to just get to know each other better then.

Off to the meeting.


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