Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to my Boring Blog

True- my life is pretty boring in comparison to a lot of other bloggers. But it's real and it's me.

I don't have any cool pictures to post. Maybe if I had, I would draw more people to my little blog and possibly even entice a few to leave me some comments.

Someone was reading my blog yesterday, according to my stat counter so that's good!

I made the decision to stop paying my mortgage. This is the first time in my life I have ever done this. You are reading the blog of a deadbeat. 7/31 was the last day I could have paid without going over 30 days. The night of 7/30, I laid awake pretty much all night staring at the ceiling feeling a mixture of despair, guilt and stress. It has come down to either being late on credit cards or the mortgage. We have been so broke- great credit- but completely broke. We got to the point that whenever we had a large expense like a medical bill or car repair, we turned to credits cards. It had to stop. If it means losing my house, then I suppose it's deserved. We made bad financial decisions and are trying to dig our way out by paying as many debts as possible. I hope to be able to do a short sale, since we are upside down in the house. Wells Fargo refuses to help and keeps telling me they will send paperwork for a possible loan modification but I have yet to receive it despite my numerous phone calls.

I just got tired of being on the rat wheel. I've GOT to pay off the debt and start building some type of savings, even if it means renting for the next few years. We have to change our behavior otherwise things will never change, never get better. I don't blame anyone buy myself. I hold myself accountable for the debt but also for a better future. It IS within my control.

So, for those of you struggling financially, take heart. You are not a lone. Expand your thinking as I have- create options for yourself. Yes your credit will be damaged but that can be repaired with time. I was at the point where my bank account was negative every pay day and I had to scrimp to pay for food and gas for my car to get to work. Don't ever paint yourself in a corner like I did. You deserve better than that and so do I.

If anyone reads this and is currently going through something similar or has made it out, please share your experiences with me. I need some hope right now. And someone to keep kicking me in the ass to do the right thing.

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