Monday, November 30, 2009

Losin' It

So far I am down about 12 pounds. We'll see what damage I did during Thanksgiving which hopefully should be minimal since I ate reasonably well. I was bad about drinking enough water so I need to continue to work on that.

I am about 2.5 months in with the dieting/exercise and have found that a lot of my food cravings have disappeared which is a really, really great thing. I used to crave pasta/salt/cheese on an almost daily basis.

My next doctor's appointment is December 14 and my goal is to step on the scale and have the nurse NOT move the bar past the 20 mark on the scale. I hope to be under 170 lbs. My clothes are fitting better and I look better. Still have to lose more so I am just trying to stay focused on shedding the rest as quickly as I can.

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